Thursday, June 30, 2016

POWERFUL VIDEO: Nikia "Maybe I" (from the EP, SHE IS ME)

Check out the music video for Nikia's "Maybe I" from the SHE IS ME EP. Nikia is such a strong, powerful woman who's voice is just as strong and powerful as her soul, and even her voice has so much soul! Listen and watch for yourself. Get more information on Nikia at http://www.TheSoundsOfNikia.com

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ask Mary Jane has some Inspirational Words for Young Women

ASK MARY JANE has powerful and inspirational words to

share for young ladies. Read all about it here.

You are the future,

And your life is like a dream.

Be yourself, take a chance,

It's hard out here for a queen.

Anything is possible,

As long as you believe,

Open your heart, open your mind,

Your goals you will achieve.

Everything is possible,

Just open up your eyes,

Everyday you wake up to an unknown surprise

- Ask Mary Jane

Indeed Indeed.

Very deep and inspirational!




Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Strong Words of Encouragement to Young Women by Singer Nikia


R&B singer Nikia gives strong advice, and powerful words of encouragement to young women out there.

"Always stay true to yourself

and always believe in yourself even when others don't.

Their journey is not yours so they will never

understand your foot steps"


Indeed Indeed.

You can listen to more powerful and encouraging words to young women by Nikia in her latest EP, SHE IS ME available everywhere music is sold digitally.   

She Is Me on iTunes

Thursday, June 16, 2016

ASK MARY JANE (The Rhyming Rival to "Dear Abby")

When you are having a problem in your every day life, rather it be personal, relationships, on the job, health, financial, family, whatever trials you are experiencing for the moment, in your time of need one usually turns to a close friend (or non judgmental associate) to air out their grievances, and to get things off of their chest, but unfortunately the people that may have your best interest at heart may not always have the right answers or things to say..... and even if they give you the typical "platitudes" and empty feel good slogans they could at least humor you with something "different".  Even a more entertaining way of responding to your troubles would make you feel better than hearing a quick "hang in there, things will get better" line you could have read for yourself on the back of a cereal box.

Here to give you a more entertaining solution to your problems and something different from those same ol' "it will be alright" quotes you get from friends and those typical sounding boards is MARY JANE with her unique ASK MARY JANE blog.  Her blog is another advice column, sort of along the lines of the classic "Dear Abby" columns, however what makes ASK MARY JANE stand out from the basic Q & A blogs is the way she presents the answers to the inquiries. 

Mary Jane responds to each letter in the form of a rhyme, rap or rhythmic poem.  It's certainly a more refreshing and creative way to receive feedback from your every day problems.  Check out the ASK MARY JANE blog here at this direct link


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ms. Ke "Broken Hearted" (New Single)

Ms. Ke is back with a new single and music video, "Broken Hearted".  Ms. Ke introduced herself to the world as a rapper, however the young vocalist is much more than that.  The talented recording artist coming from the "Show Me State" Missouri is also a singer and songwriter and she showcases that side of her to the fullest with this new single and video "Broken Hearted".  This song is about the emotions one goes through after finding out the person they were in a relationship with this entire time wasn't faithful.  Listen to the song by clicking the embedded youtube link above.

Keep checking back for more updates on Ms. Ke!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Nikia's Music in Rotation on the "Getting Nosy" Podcast


R&B singer and songwriter Nikia's music is getting major support from DJs, podcasters and Internet radio DJs across the globe.  One of the most recent podcasts to showcase Nikia's music is the new blogtalk radio show titled "Getting Nosy" with Tenai and Some Guy Named Jay.  Nikia's single "The Drug Song" has been in heavy rotation on the new show for the past few weeks.  

The show has featured lots of prestigious guests and celebrities such as Traci Braxton (Braxton Family Values), Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander (Flava of Love, For the Love of Money), and Keith Robinson (Miles of the show Saints & Sinners on the Bounce network), just to name a few.

You can check out the show (and Nikia's song of course) every Thursday night at 7:00 PM EST.  Listen to the show by calling (516) 387 1219 and streaming it from your phone.