Saturday, September 16, 2017

POWERFUL WOMAN SPOTLIGHT: Klarissa Byers of Renewed Inspiration

This week's Powerful Woman spotlight is dedicated to Klarissa Byers, the strong woman and force behind Renewed Inspiration.  Klarissa Byers and Renewed Inspiration is stationed in Charlotte, NC and she does many wonderful things for the community and assisting teenage girls step into their womanhood.  

What is Renewed Inspiration?  

Renewed Inspiration's mission is to provide serenity for at-risk teenage girls overcoming environmental, academic, and social challenges. Renewed Inspiration utilizes small group development to create a space for at-risk teenage girls to experience renewal in self-esteem, community engagement, and future aspirations.
Renewed Inspiration's vision is to help disadvantaged teenage girls achieve their full potential by empowering and inspiring them through beneficial resources in hopes of shattering generational cycles.

"Renewed Inspiration, renewing one girl at a time"

Get more information and donate to the cause by visiting the official website for Renewed Inspiration here at http://www.RenewedInspiration.org 

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