Monday, May 6, 2019


This Women of P.O.W.E.R. spotlight is on performer JameyMo!

Move over Donald Glover, there is a new rapper / singer / writer / comedian / performer gunning to take the number 1 spot in various forms of media and entertainment, and her name is JameyMo!  You are about to witness the meteoric rise of the worlds next super star!  

You can watch JameyMo's rise by visiting her new, official promo blog at 

Check out JameyMo's music at the direct links below...... 

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Learn all about the community events by ABC2 at 
A Better Chance, A Better Community
Visit RENEWED INSPIRATION at http://www.RenewedInspiration.org 
Renewed Inspiration's mission is to provide serenity for at-risk teenage girls overcoming environmental, academic, and social challenges. Renewed Inspiration utilizes small group development to create a space for at-risk teenage girls to experience renewal in self-esteem, community engagement, and future aspirations.
Renewed Inspiration's vision is to help disadvantaged teenage girls achieve their full potential by empowering and inspiring them through beneficial resources in hopes of shattering generational cycles.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Powerful Woman author TIFFANY BROWN releases book REALITY CHECK

Powerful woman / author Tiffany Brown releases Reality Check, a fictional book based on real life experiences and events.  Reality Check follows the journey of Toni, a young successful woman who is at the peak of her career.  She's highly respected in her community and believes in her purpose to help others.  After becoming a victim of a crime she couldn't have prepared for, she must figure out how to survive her own tragedy while still helping the children she is entrusted to protect.  Denise and Melanie are two of Toni's clients who are dealing with the pressures of life and trying to find themselves in the midst of crisis.  Can they learn to trust again?  Are they ready to accept their blessings?  

PLEASE NOTE:  This book contains the difficult subject of sexual assault and has a non-consensual sexual scene.  

Visit http://www.TiffanyLBrown.com to order your book today!  

Thursday, May 2, 2019

"NO MORE!" a poem by WHY YET (author of ENTANGLED HEARTS)


You spewed profanities at my soul
Raised your hand that was meant to hold
And I still loved you.
Slept with others behind my back
Called me a liar as if it were fact
However you were unaware
That I stared into the hollowed messages
Of your deceit
Written by your hand
Exclaiming love for one you sold your store too
Until she became bored of you...

Then you returned your attention to me
Because the attention you sought was not to be...
And mentally I was already gone.
Hurt too long, for my love to remain
Cried too many times to consider staying
So I dreamed of the day I would be free of you
And your tyrannical behavior.
You granted me my wish with your egotistical behavior
Demanding that which you did not earn
Nor did you deserve of me...
Raising your hand one time too many
I cried tears that were much too heavy
And yelled NO MORE!
You will raise your hand to me no more.

-From Why Yet 

WHY YET  "Entangled Hearts"

Purchase Here: